When I was young I played with pieces of marble...like now.
There are a lot of marble waste around me...I'm searching new way to use it.

I was born in Carrara in 1982. From 2013 I devoted myself to design, specializing in the context of the marble design.

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inMarmo_design gallery

from July 10 to October 10_Via Rossi 2, Carrara


is the first show of my new design gallery in Carrara.

We have asked to 10 designer to re-think a marble cube of 10cm.

thanks to:

Studio Alcarol

Sebastian Bergne

Giorgio Bonaguro

Gala Fernandez

Marco Guazzini

Denis Guidone

Arianna Vivenzio

Alessandro Zambelli


Liquido, Solido, Litico_The Italian Stone Theatre

The idea comes up from the will to emphasize the contradictions of natural resource waste.
Here the marble is recovered and assembled to make a 3D module.
This module has been finished to highlight the contrast of the linear and geometric side with the random texture that emerge with the cnc machine.

contrasti for stonethica



The exhibition was a result of a workshop organized during the summer 2016 for a selected group of artists.
The main idea was to create works of art by using exclusively robot, 3D modeling, and diamond wire.
Robot becomes a tool for expression in the hands of an artist, in the same way traditional tools are.
However, by using only robot, it is possible to see imperfections and traces left by the machine on the marble surface, which in this case, become expressions of creativity itself.



new way to use marble pot

put the water into the glass pot and use travertine marble like a sponge...

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the idea was born from the will to recover the marble slabs, at different thickness, stored  in the warehouse. The slabs are cut by a waterjet, a high  precision machine that cut the marble with the force of water and silica sand and then the pieces are slot in together thanks to easy joints, in this way the simple 2d drawings become 3d objects designed for the everyday life. The slot-in method allows us to create design object that can be easily shipped and set up. Every costumers could choose the marble he prefers and costumizes the objects  for his needs.

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A series of floating marble pot.
In the marble quarries after the rain sometimes the blocks floating on water...

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The idea born from the desire to focus the excessive use of water for marble processing.
Water that is lost during the production process and transformation of the stone material and cannot be recovered.
Marble is a porous material so the water put inside, like a sponge, can nourish the plant.
I tried to highlight this process with three photos, as the water level goes down, the plant cannot take
the necessary nourishment and it dies.
A bit like what is happening to us, we use more water than we should!

But what will happen when this water is no longer available?


design: Paolo Ulian & Moreno Ratti

year: 2014

optimizing the cuttings from a starting-block piece of marble. Is made from a single piece of arabescato white marble. the profile of the object allows the manufacturers to cut them in sequence directly from the same block, minimizing the scraps. Avoiding any waste of material, the 1800 x 450 x 450 mm high piece of furniture is produced by upgroup and provides a luxurious, sustainable option for any outdoor environment

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trombetta quadrataa.jpg


The idea was born to transform a minimal marble pieces into acustic speaker, respect the marble with perfect shape inside.

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design: Paolo Ulian & Moreno Ratti

year: 2014

What you can get from one marble tile 40 x 40cm? From the marble tiles found in dusty warehouses of our craft companies? What things can be made by cutting with water jet machine, assembling simply the pieces without creating waste material?

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design: Paolo Ulian & Moreno Ratti

year: 2014

Is a Vase with a dual personality, which contains in its interior another silhouette of different shape.
You may decide to keep the original shape of the first Vese to edit or bringing out the second using a hammer to break the slats of marble.

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